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**COVID-19 Peak Updates

June 24th, 2020

***Peak Update Regarding COVID-19: June24th, 2020***

As we start to provide additional services at Peak Physical Therapy, such as the launch of massage therapy services and (coming soon) our new fitness program, we continue to adapt to the necessary CDC guidelines for the health and safety of our patients, visitors and staff.

Due to the increased flow of people coming into the building, we are adding additional precautionary measures to our current guidelines. You are now required to wear a mask upon entering the building and our Providers will wear masks for the duration of your treatment. As well as checking temperatures, we may also require you to wear a mask for the duration of some services provided at Peak Physical Therapy. This requirement will be determined by the level of ‘social distancing’ achievable at the time of your appointment.

If you have a medical condition prohibiting you to wear a mask, please inform our staff.

We thank you for your continued cooperation during these challenging times.

Please stay safe and well.

Peak Physical Therapy

COVID-19 updates.