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Research Articles
The best, most effective treatment for lateral epicondylitis, otherwise known as "tennis elbow" remains unknown. Many things have been tried including antiinflammatory drugs, exercise, bracing or spli ...more
Overhead athletes (e.g., tennis players, javelin throwers, baseball pitchers, volleyball players) can lose significant function of the arm after an elbow tendon injury. Physical Therapists are often i ...more
The elbow is a complex joint with two bones in the forearm (the radius and the ulna) that work together and the upper arm (humerus) meeting those two bones to form the joint. So long as everything lin ...more
Joint replacements are available now for the elbow. But it's a tricky joint made up of three separate bones and two distinct joints. And it is responsible for repetitive motion of the hand and arm as ...more
Ligaments of the elbow are tough and are built to last. But repetitive overuse as in the case of the overhead throwing athlete can result in ligament damage and elbow instability. Chronic load and str ...more
Using Electrodiagnostic Tests to Predict Results of Surgery for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) gets a lot of attention because it affects so many people. But there's a second ty ...more
Any time an athlete injures his or her elbow, an accurate diagnosis is absolutely essential to providing the best treatment. Whether the examiner is an orthopedic surgeon, physician's assistant, or Ph ...more
In this report, the incidence of simple elbow dislocations each year in the United States is reported. The authors also provide some demographics (details about age, race, sex, cause of injury) for th ...more
Middle-aged adults with elbow pain, loss of motion, and stiffness from osteoarthritis are too young for a joint replacement. Where does that leave them? In this article, hand surgeons from the Hospita ...more
Biceps tendon ruptures in both arms may not be as uncommon as was once thought. According to this study, up to eight per cent of adults may experience bilateral (both sides) distal biceps tendon ruptu ...more
Steroid injections are no longer routinely recommended for lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). Instead, Physical Therapists offer an alternative treatment in the form of something called iontophores ...more
Reviewing 26 studies involving a total of 1500 patients still doesn't answer the question: What factors predict the outcome of surgery for cubital tunnel syndrome? Six of the most commonly used progno ...more
Athletes involved in lifting heavy weights, repetitive elbow motions, or overhead activities are at risk for a condition called osteochondral lesions. Osteochondral lesions refer to damage or defects ...more
Blood as a healing agent was first used in the 1990s for facial and plastic surgery and has since expanded in its application. Now it is used with a variety of orthopedic treatments as well. One of th ...more
What do all these activities have in common? Feed yourself. Comb your hair. Button your shirt. Open a door. Tie your shoes. Rise up from a chair using your arms. You need pain free elbow motion to acc ...more
A simple elbow dislocation isn't always so simple. By simple, we mean a dislocated joint that can be set back into its proper place. There's no fracture and surgery isn't needed to relocate the joint. ...more
Elbow pain from using a strong grip or repeated wrist movements is called lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow. This type of pain responds well to a new injection treatment that may replace steroid i ...more
Elbow joint replacement isn't nearly as common as a hip or knee replacement. But when there's a severe fracture or painful arthritis limiting function, it can be a life-saver. As with any joint replac ...more
If you have ever experienced the aching forearm pain caused by pronator syndrome, then it's likely you believe this condition to be a real and true problem. But some experts in the orthopedic world ar ...more
Surgeon Alert: Update on the Surgical Treatment of a Stiff Elbow Surgeons will want to take a look at this article. Two surgeons from the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at Washington University in ...more
Swelling or a boggy lump around the point of the elbow is often caused by a condition known as chronic olecranon bursitis. The swelling might increase and decrease but it never goes away fully. Some p ...more
From the outside you wouldn't know by looking at the forearm that there are three separate compartments. Each section is separated by connective tissue called fascia. The hand has 10 of these compartm ...more
When it comes to ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injuries in overhead throwing athletes, the authors of this study bring a wealth of experience to the table. After performing surgery on 1,281 patients ...more
Review and Update on Unusual Biceps Tendon Injury From anatomy to the post-operative rehab process, the authors of this article provide us with a complete review of injuries to the biceps tendon. The ...more
Orthopedic Surgeons Offer Their Preferred Treatment for OCD of the Elbow Overhead throwing athletes (especially pitchers) of all ages are at risk for elbow and shoulder problems. In this review, orth ...more
The elbow is normally a very stable, solid joint. It doesn't dislocate easily. But when a traumatic injury occurs and enough force is placed on it, fracture and dislocation can be the result. In this ...more
Tennis elbow, also known as lateral elbow tendinopathy can be very hard to predict. Physical Therapy often helps reduce painful symptoms, improve motion, and restore function. But after months of ther ...more
It might seem funny but tennis elbow (also known as lateral epicondylitis) could be caused by a problem in the neck. In other words, it may not be coming directly from the elbow. True lateral epicondy ...more
Have you been diagnosed with ulnar nerve entrapment syndrome? This article describes the mechanisms of entrapment, and conservative and surgical treatment options. Contact Peak Physical Therapy if you ...more
Have you fallen on your outstretched arm, and now have difficulty straightening your elbow? This article is concerned with triceps muscle rupture, and outlines the importance of early diagnosis, and t ...more
Attention Peak Physical Therapy patients suffering with elbow pain! This is a mid term report of a study of young athletes who have undergone surgical treatment for osteochondritis dessicans at the el ...more
Radial nerve compression is described, presenting in three peripheral areas in the arm: posterior interosseus nerve syndrome, radial tunnel syndrome, and superficial radial nerve compression. Peak Phy ...more
You've heard it over and over from us: doctors, Physical Therapists, and other individuals dedicated to research are seeking evidence to show what treatment works best for each orthopedic condition or ...more
Many people have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, where a nerve going through the wrist to the hand is compressed, causing pain and numbness. But, although ulnar neuropathy, pressure on the nerve in t ...more
While most people have heard of carpal tunnel syndrome, a condition in which the nerves going through the carpal tunnel in the wrist are pinched, another condition called cubital tunnel syndrome also ...more
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