Peak Physical Fitness

Peak Physical Fitness Classes

PPF was born out of a desire to continue the quality care our PT patients receive in our facility. We offer a variety of classes for every fitness level in a community atmosphere that promotes overall wellness. Our small classes allow for one on one attention which assures proper form and guarantees maximum benefit.  All instructors present exercises at multiple levels which allows students to choose to work at a beginning, intermediate, or advanced pace.

Join our fitness group to get in shape and improve your health, all while having fun and working out with friends and fellow members.

 Barre-less Fusion

This Barre workout fuses yoga and strengthening exercises without the need for an actual barre. Classes begin with a warm up, a blend of barre & yoga in the middle, and ending with some relaxing stretches. No experience is necessary, you will learn the moves to keep you agile and fit. The focus is on delivering a dynamic workout that is not only fun, but physically versatile for all levels.

Instructor: Genevieve Adams

 Core Essentials

This class is strength and conditioning for everyday life with a focus on the core. Exercises will change from week to week. Appropriate for all fitness levels.

Instructor: Mauro Falotico 

Gentle Flow Yoga

Yoga is a gift for the body and mind and is suitable for all levels.  This "Gentle Flow Yoga" class introduces fundamental principles and students learn to coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next.  If you have never tried yoga, this class is for you.  Go with the flow.

Instructors: Dawn Deangelis & Sara Merrick-Albano


Pelacore is a unique and powerful core strengthening program that fuses the science of physical therapy with core techniques from Pilates, yoga and barre. Pelacore can help reduce lower back pain, increase strength, build muscular endurance, decrease incontinence, improve posture, tone abs, firm up glutes and increase sexual enjoyment. In addition to helping you look amazing, Pelacore can help improve your quality of life, give you an overall feeling of better health, provide you with greater self-confidence and make you feel sexier.

Instructor: Holly Dixon 

Rise & HIIT

Rise & HIIT is a class for any and every level. This class is based on interval training to help increase endurance. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, this class will get your heart pumping and your muscles fired!

Instructor: Amanda Thomas 

Raise the Bar

 This class is designed for everyone from exercise beginners and transitioning therapy patients, to the experienced athlete: individualization and personal modifications are a key component.  Learn and strengthen proper posture and function with therapeutic exercise, then incorporate it into aesthetic body sculpting. Be prepared for lots of high fives and to get stronger every day!

 Instructor: Aingeal Murray

Open Gym

Follow the provided workout or create your own. The Gym Space is limited to 3 at-a-time.