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Sara Merrick-Albano

Sara Merrick-Albano (E-RTY 200, RYT 500) loves to help students develop their own practice whether they are just starting out or they have been practicing for years. She invites exploration of how a student’s individual body moves and empowers students to approach asana (postures) with variations and modifications while cultivating compassion and respect for the body and the self.

Sara is also interested in the deeper pranayama (breathing) and meditative practices that yoga provides, teaching students how to safely explore places where physicality no longer matters. Interested in working one-on-one with students and using the tools of yoga for healing, Sara is currently studying to become a yoga therapist through Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy. She is a guest educator and mentor for yoga teachers-in-training.

Mauro Falotico

Mauro Falotico is a NASM certified Personal Trainer out of the Waterbury area. Mauro has been training clients consistently over the last two years, joining Peak in June of 2020. He has also gone on to receive his TRX certification and his MX4 Certification.

Mauro’s love for fitness started when he was able to completely change his life around with simply, healthy eating and daily exercise, and now he wants to assist you in doing the same.

Aingeal Murray

Aingeal is a Certified Wellness Junkie but is most passionate about becoming a Fitness Trainer in 2009, an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in 2019 and being the Director of the Peak Physical Fitness Program.  She is also the owner of ARMURFITNESS LLC and is currently working on a certification through Precision Nutrition.

Aingeal believes that health is multi-dimensional, and that true wellness is found within the F words of our lives.  Food, Fitness, Family, Friendships, Faith and Fortitude, to name a few.

When she is not at work, you can find her playing in her garden, spending time with her husband, son & two dogs, on adventures with friends, reading all things wellness, or cooking, eating and taking pictures of food.

Genevieve Adams

Genevieve brings over 5 years of experience in different styles of yoga. Most recently she has added a Tabata GX certification and expanded on her knowledge on group fitness for 40 plus.

Her personable and passionate approach fosters an invigorating, centering and calming environment.

Holly Dixon

Holly Dixon has an impressive background in enhancing the energy of her clients’ bodies AND minds -- understanding that trust and connection are the building blocks to achieving your fitness and wellness goals.

Getting results feels great, but learning how to KEEP them feels better -- no matter how small. Small wins compound over time and give you the confidence and motivation to design your own personal lifestyle that fits you perfectly.

Holly is a lifetime athlete, having played Collegiate Soccer at Assumption College in Massachusetts. With 13 years of experience in the fitness industry, she’s a Certified NASM Personal Trainer, Pelacore Method™ Instructor (Pelvic Core Fitness), and ACE Health Coach.

Since her collegiate athlete days, she has become a Figure/Bikini Fitness Competitor, Holistic Health Consultant and her most important title, Mom. Her own daily management of Pelvic Dysfunction (post 2 C-Sections), Disc Degenerative Disease & Autoimmune Arthritis has re-created her entire lifestyle. She’s learned the importance of continuously educating clients (and herself) about living a holistic lifestyle.

Holly has worked with a wide range of clients and now specializes in optimizing women's health in all stages of life through fitness, pelvic core work, nutrition, and quality practitioner referrals.

Donna Schmardel

Donna is a long-time fitness enthusiast who recently earned her Personal Trainer certification along with Specialist in Senior Fitness, Specialist in Exercise Therapy and Specialist in Sports Nutrition certifications.

After a rewarding career in public education, Donna’s passion for teaching and helping people has transitioned to fitness instruction and personal training. Her goal is to help people of all ages improve their health through structured exercises programs that include strength, flexibility and balance training. She believes a healthy lifestyle that involves exercising the mind and body along with good nutritional practices leads to a better quality of life, for life.

Donna is also a musician and private instrumental lesson teacher. She plays alto sax with the Argyle Sax Quartet and the CT Symphonic Winds where she is also the associate conductor.

Dawn Deangelis

Dawn completed the 200RYT training in 2019 at the OM Center of Watertown. She discovered and fell in love with yoga over 15 years ago.

Dawn strives to help her students experience the physical, emotional and spiritual changes that can occur with your yoga practice over time.

Outside of yoga, Dawn works full time as an X-RAY Tech and enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren.

Amanda Thomas

Amanda is a very energetic, passionate, and caring Fitness Coach.  She was a collegiate swimmer which is where she found her love for fitness and wellness.  She attained her Bachelors and Masters in exercise physiology along with her Physical Therapy Assistant license. 

Amanda is excited to work with you and looks forward to helping you on your fitness and wellness journey.


Naida Rodriguez Rosado ...aka Ms Cuqui, (Pronounce Ms Cookie)

Currently an entrepreneur Latina Business Owner of the 1st ever Mobile Gym, The Fitness Fury X-Perience, LLC.  Her passion is helping people and making them feel the best they can, by bringing humor and fun into the workouts, exercises, and in anything they do. Her passion goes beyond physical fitness, it goes as far as helping with healing of the mind and Spirit too.     

“To live is to Love, to love is to Laugh and to laugh is to Live” 

Fit in Mind, Body & Spirit!!! 

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