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What to Bring: When you head out the door for your first appointment, there are a few items we ask you bring along – your insurance card(s) as well as your driver’s license or photo ID. Also, if you were referred to us by a physician, please remember your prescription.

What to wear: Since you will be stretching and moving around, we highly recommend you bring comfortable, unrestrictive clothing or athletic wear to all your treatments. Your clothes should allow us to evaluate your area of injury, so please dress accordingly. As for footwear, we suggest comfortable, closed-toe shoes – sneakers would be perfect. We’d also recommend against any type of heel. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to your first appointment.

Forms: No one likes filling out form after form at a doctor’s office. So why not finish them ahead of time? Print these documents out, then either bring the completed forms with you to your first appointment, or simply fax them to our office. Fax:(203) 757-0102. Please also review the Notice of Privacy Practices before you sign the last form that acknowledges that you received this Notice.


*Intake Form
*Medical History Form
*Notice of Privacy Practices





For additional useful patient information, please visit our FAQ section

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