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Introduction to Wrestling

Physical Therapy in Waterbury for Wrestling

Welcome to Peak Physical Therapy's resource for wrestling.

When you were a kid the excuse of training to be an Olympic wrestler probably wouldn’t have appeased your mother as you pinned your sibling to the ground by twisting one arm behind their back, but the excuse certainly would have been worth a try anyways! Wrestling is a seriously competitive sport, and requires significant training at any level of competition in order for you to become proficient at the sport without injuring yourself each time you step onto the mat.

Both men and women around the world enjoy the sport of wrestling.  The sport for men has been an integral part of the Olympic games almost since the first games themselves, but for women, Olympic wrestling only first debuted in 2004.  

With the object of the sport being to twist and hold your opponent down to the mat in positions they can’t escape from without anatomically defying the human body’s capability, it is no wonder that acute injuries such as shoulder dislocations and knee sprains are common! Another common wrestling injury comes from the constant friction of the mat against the head and ears, turning the ears into swollen and puffy appendages, commonly known in the wrestling world as cauliflower ears.

This part of our website is designed to help you prepare your body to participate in wrestling and to help you prevent some of the most common injuries of the sport by stretching properly, and choosing equipment that can protect you and minimize your risk of injury. Stretching for a wrestler is unlike the stretching found in many sports because the wrestler is required to warm up and cool down using stretches that push the body’s muscles and joints into positions most other sports simply do not require. Let Peak Physical Therapy assist you in keeping on top of your opponent by preparing your body to be nimble and able to twist, turn, or bridge your way out of ever being pinned.

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