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Peak Physical Fitness

PPF was born out of a desire to continue the quality care our PT patients receive in our facility. We offer a variety of classes for every fitness level in a community atmosphere that promotes overall wellness. Our small classes allow for one on one attention which assures proper form and guarantees maximum benefit.  All instructors present exercises at multiple levels which allows students to choose to work at a beginning, intermediate, or advanced pace.

Join our fitness group to get in shape and improve your health, all while having fun and working out with friends and fellow members.


Stretch & Tone

Consider this class step one to making a lifestyle change.  This class incorporates our therapist’s favorite exercises and is designed to take the stress off of overworked muscles and joints.  Use this class to improve flexibility and to counteract prolonged sitting and poor posture.  This class is designed to improve fundamental strength in common problem areas whether you are just starting out, maintaining or looking to begin a more aggressive exercise program.  Your house can’t be strong with a weak foundation.


Yoga is a gift for the body and mind and is suitable for all levels.  This "Gentle Flow Yoga" class introduces fundamental principles and students learn to coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next.  If you have never tried yoga, this class is for you.  Go with the flow.


Pilates Mat classes focus on strength and flexibility.  It teaches how to recruit the deep abdominal muscles along with the muscles closest to the spine.   A blend of strength and flexibility will improve posture, reduce back pain and create long, lean muscle.  Stabilize before you mobilize.


These classes are designed to push people past where they would normally go on their own.  Each class is designed to be different in order to combat boredom, constantly challenge you, and help develop a habit of exercise.   You can expect body weight exercises such as squats, pushups and suspension training, but we also incorporate weights, medicine balls, a strike bag and a variety of other props that will improve your strength and cardiovascular efficiency.  Be prepared for lots of high fives and to get stronger every day.


Learning to relax the body, connect with your breath, and allow body, mind & spirit to connect as one. Great for reducing stress.